aluminum composite panel

  • Aluminum-plastic Composite Panel

    Aluminum-plastic Composite Panel

    Aluminum Composite Panel is short as ACP.Its suface is made of aluminum sheet which surface is processed and baking coated by paint.It’s new type of material by compositing aluminum sheet with polyethylene core after a series technical processes.Because ACP is composited by two different material(metal and non-metal),it keeps the original material’s(metal aluminum and non-metal polyethylene) main characteristics and overcome the disadvantages of original material,so it obtains many excellent material performance,such as luxury and beautiful,colorful decoration;uv-proof,rust-proof,impact-proof,fire-proof,moisture-proof,sound-proof,heat-proof,
    erthquake-proof;light and easy-processing,easy-shipping and easy-instailing.These performances make ACP a great future of usage.
  • Art facing aluminum plastic plate

    Art facing aluminum plastic plate

    Art facing aluminum-plastic panel has the characteristics of light weight, strong plasticity, color diversity, outstanding physical properties, weather resistance, easy maintenance and so on. The remarkable board surface performance and rich color selection can support the designers' creative needs to the maximum extent, so that they can implement their own fantastic ideas in the best way.
  • Nano self cleaning aluminum plastic plate

    Nano self cleaning aluminum plastic plate

    On the basis of the performance advantages of traditional fluorocarbon aluminum-plastic panel, the high-tech nano coating technology is applied to optimize the performance indexes such as pollution and self-cleaning. It is suitable for curtain wall decoration with high requirements for board surface cleaning and can keep beautiful for a long time.

  • Antibacterial and antistatic aluminum plastic plate

    Antibacterial and antistatic aluminum plastic plate

    Antibacterial and antistatic aluminum plastic plate belongs to special aluminum plastic plate. The anti-static coating on the surface integrates beauty, antibacterial and environmental protection, which can effectively prevent dust, dirt and antibacterial, and solve various problems caused by static electricity. It is suitable for decoration materials of scientific research and production units such as medicine, electronics, food and cosmetics.
  • Fireproof aluminum plastic plate

    Fireproof aluminum plastic plate

    Fire proof aluminum plastic plate is a new type of high-grade fireproof material for wall decoration. It is a new type of metal plastic composite material, which is composed of coated aluminum plate and special flame retardant modified polyethylene plastic core material by hot pressing with polymer adhesive film (or hot melt adhesive). Due to its elegant appearance, beautiful fashion, fire protection and environmental protection, convenient construction and other advantages, it is considered that the new high-grade decorative materials for modern curtain wall decoration have a bright future.
  • Colorful fluorocarbon aluminum plastic plate

    Colorful fluorocarbon aluminum plastic plate

    The brilliance of colorful (chameleon) Fluorocarbon aluminum-plastic panel is derived from the natural and delicate shape it is blended into. It is named because of its changeable color. The surface of the product can present a variety of beautiful and colorful pearlescent effects with the change of light source and angle of view. It is especially suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration, commercial chain, exhibition advertisement, automobile 4S shop and other decoration and display in public places.