aluminum solid panel

  • Aluminum Sheet Product

    Aluminum Sheet Product

    Aboundant colors can meet modern building' s requirements for colors.With PVDF coating,the color is stable without fading,.Good Uv-proof and anti-aging ability make it stand long-term damage from uv,Wind,acid rain and waste gas.Besides,PVDF coating is difficult for contamination matters to adhere to,so it can keep clean for long time and easy to maintain.Light Self-weight,high strength,high anti-windpressure ability.With simple installation structure and it can be designed to various shape such as curving,multi-folding.The decoration effect is very good.
  • Perforated aluminum veneer

    Perforated aluminum veneer

    Perforated aluminum veneer is a refined product of aluminum veneer. The automatic numerical control punching machine imported from Germany can easily realize the processing of various complex hole shapes of punching aluminum veneer, meet the customer's requirements for various hole shapes, irregular hole diameters and gradual change holes of punching aluminum veneer, at the same time, ensure the accuracy of punching processing, meet the high standards of architectural design to the greatest extent, and fully express the innovative ideas of architectural design.
  • 4D imitation wood grain aluminum veneer

    4D imitation wood grain aluminum veneer

    4D imitation wood grain aluminum veneer is made of high-quality high-strength alloy aluminum plate, coated with international advanced new pattern decorative materials. The pattern is high-grade and gorgeous, the color and texture is lifelike, the pattern is firm and wear-resistant, and it does not contain formaldehyde, non-toxic and harmful gas release, so that you do not have to worry about the odor and body injury caused by paint and glue after decoration. It is the first choice for high-grade building decoration.
  • Hyperbolic aluminum veneer

    Hyperbolic aluminum veneer

    Hyperbolic aluminum veneer has a good appearance display effect, it can create personalized buildings, and it can be designed and processed according to various customer requirements to meet the personalized construction requirements of the construction party. The double curvature aluminum veneer adopts internal structure waterproof and sealing treatment, so as to ensure its excellent waterproof performance to a greater extent. It can also be used on the surface of hyperbolic aluminum veneer Spray various colors of paint to further enhance the visual impact. The production of hyperbolic aluminum veneer is more difficult, and the requirements for the accuracy of the machine and the operation requirements of technical workers are relatively high, so the hyperbolic aluminum veneer has a strong technical content.